We believe that ESG analysis cannot be limited to a quant approach

Human touch
Speaking with companies to understand their sustainability concerns is the key to go beyond cold numbers.
Large coverage
Our 32 analysts offer ESG & Sustainability scores of over 462 European companies.
Governance driven
We regard board independence as the prerequisite to any genuine sustainability strategy and on top of any ESG metrics.
ESG Valuation
We combine sustainability opinions with our fundamental financial analysis to produce integrated target prices.
Search for scores
Discover our metrics on 462 european stocks. Alphavalue's approach relies on 4 independent pillars which are all based on proprietary data and methodology.

Clean, proprietary & unconflicted data
All stocks assessed on similar E+S+G rules
All valuation impacted "live" by Sustainability metrics
Very directional & independent conclusions

Sustainability Score Distribution (0-10)
ESG is impacting valuation fundamentals
AlphaValue was set up in 2009 as an ESG native firm: since inception, no research could be published without filling up the ESG relevant items. AlphaValue reckons that it currently is the only equity research provider in Europe to have reached this stage: a perfectly smooth on-boarding of ESG data, on a continuing basis, impacting valuation fundamentals day and night. This is available on every stock, every sector, every stock selection, every day.

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Polluter pays principle reloaded

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June 16 2021

Family business convince

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