Sustainability Score
Country: Germany Germany
Sector: Building Prod. & Materials / Cement & Aggregates
Market Cap: 10,353 (M€)
LEI number: LZ2C6E0W5W7LQMX5ZI37
Sustainability Score Distribution

Scoring overview
  Score (0-10) Sector avg Ranking out of 465  
Sustainability 3.1 3.4 435
Our approach is based on analytical items contributing to the E, the S and the G, that can be highlighted as sustainability precursors and can be combined in an intellectually acceptable way.
Governance 6.2 5.9 264
Board independence? Yes
Splitting CEO and chairman roles? No
+10 other Governance metrics
Social 7.0 6.4 108
Are accident at work declining? No
Wage dispersion trend vs peers 5 / 10
+22 other Social metrics
Environment 3.2 3.0 377
Emission or consumption per € of capital employed on :
► Energy
► CO2 emissions
► Waste
► Water withdrawal
Company monitored under
ESG impact on target price
-3.0% 420

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Building Prod. & Materials / Cement & Aggregates
Company Sustainability Ranking
Italy  BUZZI 2.4 467
Ireland  CRH 5.0 265
Switzerland  HOLCIM 5.3 236
France  VICAT 2.0 473
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